Why Gyoumu.Cloud?

Gyoumu.Cloud provides all Collaboration, Knowledge & Business solutions on one platform to fits all the companies’ needs in an Ideal and user-friendly way without work dispersion.

Our Story

Our Story Starting from the increasing needs of the collaboration and management services and tools of the company operations (be it on premise or remote) and the need to manage usual business and projects in a flexible way in a landscape plagued by the the proliferation of specialized software that lack vertical and horizontal integration.

Gyoumu.Cloud platform was developed to combine all these services and tools on one platform, creating synergies that help save time effort through user-friendly and interactive interfaces.

Gyoumu.Cloud also offers a rich collection of collaboration, Knowledge sharing and administrative tasks management tools that create a comprehensive one stop to perform daily tasks smoothly without wasted time of focus caused by switching between sporadic tools in a traditional setup.

Additionally, we provide the ability to customize your Gyoumo.Cloud platform and chose from our products that are best fit for your business needs without having to incur additional expenses for services that your company doesn’t need.