User Authorization Management

The Administrators can manage the Roles and permissions of every user and provide safe access to the system. Each role has a different access level that includes actions like submit, move or assign to fit your company's working style. you can use this feature to assure security in the performance and the accuracy in management.

Employee Profile Management

Managing employees' details is one of the most critical things that take so much effort. With this product, a company can manage its employees' information, save and extract it. All these functions are done in an easy and user-friendly way.

Employment Contract Management

Managing the employment contract process is one of the most critical processes for companies. This product provides helping to easily manage and monitor all contracts during the contract life cycle with a high degree of security and smooth performance.

Attendance Management

Reviewing the daily & monthly work reports of the employees, which these reports are the basis for calculating the actual salary and for reviewing statistics that are related to the employee's work types percentage throughout the month. These accurate processes are done smoothly by this product.

Insurance Contract Management

We provide easy management of the different types of insurance contracts through this simple product that has a high level of security and accuracy which reduces the proportion of human mistakes and avoids red-tape problems.

Company-provided residence contract management

The benefit expected from this product is to have easier management for employee residence contracts, with this product, companies can manage the contracts of employees' residences that are offered by the company, save and extract it. All these functions are done by an easy, user-friendly system.

Vehicle Management

This product facilitates the management of all vehicles that are used for work. With this product, you will easily get all information about vehicles and manage it securely.

Wages Management

This product provides a simple way to calculate accurate wages that the employee will gain, which include the monthly salary and all other recompenses. This product will save time and effort for this critical and complicated process to avoid mistakes in the company budget.

Subcontractor Management

The cooperation between companies and contractors has a lot of details and problems. Our product will help simplify this process, make it easier and more comprehensible by using user-friendly interfaces.

Employee Certification Management

Managing types of certificates and determining the employees who must pass a specific certificate, defining the exam content for each certificate in order to provide professional qualifications for employees. This product will provide you with a unique experience of managing these issues smoothly.

Overtime Work Management

This product will provide an easy way to manage overtime by doing all processes through the automated framework. This system will help make this management more accurate and streamlined.

Salary Calculation

This product is dedicated to calculating the net salary after deducting all taxes automatically, this product will provide a fast and accurate way to detect salary for each employee.

Employee Experience Management

knowing employees' experiences and abilities is one of the most decisive processes that directly affect the company's performance, this product will provide full management of employees' experience histories that will help to have thorough knowledge about each employee.

Logs Management

This feature will provide the company with a history record that contains all processes done by employees and the details of each process, knowing who makes the process, when, and how will help to avoid errors through this user-friendly feature.

TECRIS Management

Gyoumu cloud stores the projects and engineers data in the same way like in TECRES to have a better experience in synchronizing the data.

Expenses Management

This product will help to control the expenses of the company through processing all receipts sent by employees, which allows having a complete and accurate view of the company payments so you can fully control the financial policy of the company through easy processes in this product.